Social Media and Your Business

Most businesses have started to take social media seriously. They are spending time and effort developing their profiles and reaching out to customers. It makes sense for a business to have an online presence beyond their website. Are you taking advantage of all the available options the Internet has to offer? If not, it may be time to start.

Front Burner Cybercrime Trends

One issue that has caused business owners and managers many headaches, and possible sleepless nights, is cybercrime. Businesses are always under threat of having data or money stolen, and need to be taking actions to stop this. Do you know what you need to protect your business?

A quick Google search for “cybercrime trends” yields over 78 million results, the majority of which are likely to affect large enterprises or governments.

How 24/7 Network Monitoring Can Help Your Business

In this modern age, many businesses have become reliant on technological networks, with businesses big and small using some form of network in their day-to-day operations. But what happens when one of those networks goes down? Larger businesses will normally lose some profit, but will be able to recover.

New iPad, Same Same but Slightly Different

When people hear the word “Apple”, most don’t think of a round red or green fruit, they think of the company. Apple and its products have become well known, with not only a loyal fan base, but products that look good and work well. One of the most successful products is the Apple iPad, and in early March, Apple introduced the New iPad.

What Are The Most Common Microsoft Excel Errors?

“Microsoft Excel” is a common buzzword known by all business owners and managers. This program has become a critical tool for business. It’s safe to say that we all know the basics of Excel and are comfortable with what Excel can do. However, one thing that makes people uncomfortable with Excel is the confusing error messages.