Use Facebook? You could be infected

There are many factors that could cause a business to fail, and with many businesses relying heavily on technology, any failure of technical systems could spell disaster for your company. One such way systems could fail is if they are unsecured. Software like malware and Trojans could be introduced into your systems and cause untold amounts of damage.

3 different ways to backup your data

Computers are the backbone to almost every company. We use them to conduct business and for storage of data among other things. If something were to happen to the computers, a devastating virus for example, you could risk losing your whole business if you haven’t backed up your data.

DNSChanger infected could lose Internet

Viruses and Trojans have been infecting computers almost as long as computers have been in businesses. Some are relatively harmless, while others bring systems down. One Trojan, DNSChanger, was malicious enough to force the FBI to step in. For infected users, this could mean that their Internet won’t work after July 9.

While the source of DNSChanger has been removed, essentially killing it.

How to prepare pretty good presentations

Presentations are an important part of business. Take Apple for example, millions of fans eagerly await their next presentation. While many small businesses would love to have an audience like that to present to, they don’t. What you, as a small business owner or manager, do need to do is prepare presentations that are professional and can hold the audience’s attention long enough for you to get your ideas across.

Share iPad connection with colleagues

One of the most frustrating things, when it comes to the Internet, is finding a stable connection while outside the office. Most coffee shops and hotels offer Wi-Fi, but you have to pay to connect. If you have a new iPad with a cellular data connection, you can share the connection with up to five devices, giving you your own personal Wi-Fi connection.

Beware! Your network may not be secure

Everywhere you look business owners are inundated by issues pulling their attention in a multitude of directions. One issue almost every owner has managed to get under control is network security. These businesses are secure from external threats and because of this, believe their systems to be 100% safe, however, they may have missed the possibility of internal threats.