Two factor authentication secures SMEs

One of the most anticipated video games of 2012 was recently released. The only problem is, the company that developed the game didn’t apply enough security to accounts, and a large percentage of players had their accounts hacked and items stolen. Interestingly enough, this is also happening to many small businesses; their data is being stolen.

Turbo Boost sends processors into OD

In the past few weeks major players in the computer manufacturing industry – Apple and Microsoft – have both announced improvements to their current lineups as well as exciting new hardware. These devices have been met with hype and buzz, advertisers want you to buy machines supporting Ivy Bridge processors with Turbo Boost, without really explaining the benefits.

Don’t let business fail due to disaster

Many companies in North America, the UK and Australia tend to adopt an almost invincible point of view, they believe that disaster can never strike their business and are stunned when it does. This is a dangerous viewpoint to take, especially for small businesses who stand to be affected the most from any disaster.

Wrongly unplugging USB could damage it

External hard drives, smartphones, mice and keyboards. At first glance these four devices may not have that much in common. There is one similarity they do share, they connect to your computer via a USB cable. While the USB devices are convenient, they do have one flaw: unplugging them without ejecting them could harm both the device and your computer.

Keys-check, wallet-check, phone…Oh no!

Losing something is always tough, having to spend time looking for it, turning the house and office upside down only to come to the realization that it has indeed been lost. This is even worse when it’s a useful device like your smartphone. Many small business owners keep their whole life on their phones, and if they lose it, it’s a big deal.

5 reasons why business tech is better

Buying technology for your business can be one of the toughest things to do. It’s constantly changing and in truth, a rather poor, yet necessary long term investment. Beyond that, almost every manufacturer makes models aimed at the personal use market and business oriented products.

Hot doc? Print it directly from iPad

One of the biggest trends of the past three years is the rise of the tablet as a replacement to the personal computer, largely due to the Apple iPad. The tablet has proven itself more than a fad and to actually be an incredibly useful business tool. To extend its usefulness, Apple and app developers have integrated the ability to print documents directly from your iPad.