Difference between SSD and HDD

Ten years ago, the average computer had a maximum of around 120 GB of storage space, an impressive number back then. Now, you can have a maximum of around 4 Terabytes, a big change in a decade. The device that stores all this data, the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is an integral part of a computer, but, there’s a new competitor – Solid-state Drives (SSD). The question being asked is, what’s the difference and which one’s better?

Here is a brief comparison of Hard Disk Drives and Solid-state Drives.

Watch out for fake Facebook notifications

On any given day, the vast majority of employees receive upwards of 100 emails, a varying percentage of those emails will often be notifications to social networks like Facebook, notifications many will open without looking. Hackers know this, and have started to take advantage of these notification emails to infect your system.

Print better with managed print services

“Is my printer meeting my needs?” A question few, if any, small business owners will ask themselves when thinking about ways to change their company’s infrastructure to meet their needs. While, at first glance, it may not seem like printers demand attention, they do make up a large part of your infrastructure and could be one thing holding you back from a more efficient organization.

Overview of five popular social networks

In the early days of social networks, there were only a few, it was almost easy to pick which network to be on, or even easier to dismiss social media as a passing fad. Fast forward to the present day, and there seems to be a social network for nearly everything.

Connecting to public Wi-Fi isn’t secure

As businesses go global, or expand into new territory, managers and owners have found themselves travelling between locations, often connecting to the office via public Wi-Fi connections in airports, coffee shops, public buildings, etc. If you use public Wi-Fi to connect with the office while travelling, you may be creating a security risk for your company.

Webinars explained. Part one

Seminars and presentations are a great way to share your knowledge and experiences with peers and customers. The major problem with them is that people have to travel to attend them, limiting the number of attendees and the strength of your message. To reach a bigger audience, turn to technology and conduct a webinar.