Slow Internet? You may be able to fix it

In many parts of the world, the Internet is quick enough to allow businesses to operate solely in the cloud with relatively few problems. There are however issues with many Internet connections, and at times the service can slow to a crawl, leaving many managers wondering what is going on and how to fix it.

Security of the cloud can be an issue

One of the biggest technical issues plaguing companies around the globe is security of their systems and information. The vast majority of companies store their data on computers, with many moving some or all of it onto the cloud. When employing the cloud, companies have to trust the provider’s security, which has come under attack with increasing intensity in the past few years.

Webinars explained-part two

Webinars are a great way to reach out and connect with customers, while at the same time building or solidifying your brand. In last month’s productivity article we discussed what webinars are and how they can help your company. This month we’re going a little deeper and examining what makes a successful webinar.

BYOD success depends on 4 steps

As the lines between work and personal life blur, some professionals have been using their personal devices for work, and companies should allow this. Allowing employees to use their own devices for work is known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and has both positive and negative benefits.

Does the Nexus 7 stack up to iPad?

Until early July there was one tablet that all other tablets were compared against, many falling far short. That tablet is the iPad, and from its release in 2010 has seen few competitors, until now. The competitor is Google’s new tablet, the Nexus 7. While the Nexus 7 is a competitor of the iPad, the question posed by many small business owners is: does it really stack up?

Here is a comparison between the new iPad (iPad 3) and the Google Nexus 7 (N7).

On the outside
The iPad is 9.5 inches long and 7.31 inches wide, with a viewable area of 9.7 inches from the top-left to the bottom-right of the screen.

Productive employees due to SharePoint

There are many keys to success of a small business, one of the most important keys is your employees. Your employees need to be able to work together while at the same time fulfilling different roles. If they can’t quickly and easily access necessary information, overall productivity will be down.