Worm or virus, what's the difference?

Computer terminology can be one of the hardest things to wrap your head around. It’s can all seem like mumbo jumbo, with made-up or adopted words. Some of the more confusing terminology comes from programs and software with harmful intent. Is the program infecting your computer a Trojan horse, worm or malware though? It can be hard to differentiate them sometimes.

Have you cleaned your computer recently?

Most computer users, that is to say nearly everyone, take steps to protect the data and information within their computer, diligently employing and running anti-virus scanners and generally focusing on keeping their computer safe. This form of digital preventative maintenance is important, but it’s also equally important to do some preventative maintenance to the physical machine itself.

4 ways to ensure DR is successful

Imagine getting up on a Monday after a great long weekend spent with the family, driving to the office, only to find the building on fire. Most people would be dumbfounded, or feel a profound sense of loss. If you have a Disaster Recovery (DR) system, you wouldn’t have to worry, (well not as much anyway), as could rest assured that your documents and systems would be up and running soon, with little to no loss of important data.

Mobile OS security compared

In recent history there have been some great debates: Frost vs. Nixon, communism vs. democracy, Coke vs. Pepsi. One of the biggest debates is a four-way debate between which mobile system is better, is it Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry? Everyone you ask will have an opinion and anyone with the opposite opinion is usually wrong.

Learn from these security breaches

Imagine having your phone, tablet and computer wiped, followed by email accounts hacked and deleted, taking with them nearly your whole digital life. This would be a devastating loss for anyone, but it happens on a fairly regular basis. In the past few months alone, there have been two similar instances, both involving Apple, that’s making users wonder just how safe and secure Apple’s and other companies’ products really are.

SBS retires. Is there a successor?

One common element found in nearly all businesses is the server, it allows employees to communicate effectively , access data or fulfill their roles more easily. In small to medium organizations, one of the more popular servers was Microsoft’s Small Business Server (SBS). Despite its popularity, SBS has recently been retired, leaving many IT professionals unsure of what to replace it with.

4 great reasons for joining LinkedIn

There’s no doubt as to the use and value of social media for professional organizations and companies of all sizes. It’s the new way to communicate and create rapport with customers. Each service has it’s unique uses and one that’s business oriented has been adopted slowly by SMBs. LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses to connect, on a professional level, with the world at large.

Spider-Man protects his email, do you?

Peter Parker: a smarter than average high school student, often ostracised for being different, and more commonly known as Spider-Man. Spider-Man goes to extremes to protect his identity and if he had an email address in the modern age, he would ensure it wasn’t captured by web criminals.

Better decisions due to analytics

Have you ever sat at a metaphorical crossroads, faced with a decision you have to make, but have no idea which option is best? If so you’re not alone, business owners and managers are faced with decisions on an almost constant basis, many of which can overwhelm the most seasoned entrepreneur.