Delay that inflammatory email on Outlook

How many times have you written a pithy reply to an email, hit send confidently only to realize you called the original sender something along the lines of a male donkey? Normally there would be a mad scramble to stop the email from being sent, only to realize that once you have hit the send button, you can’t take it back.

Which security threats to worry about?

If you read the news or follow tech related blogs, it seems that there is a new security threat nearly every day. Some days it’s a new website that hijacks your mobile browser, other days it’s a sensationalized news story about an elite hacker group releasing the names of a website’s users.

Is DR in Asia different from here?

Natural disasters happen and for some regions like Asia, they happen at a higher frequency. Because of this, a common perception has arisen that companies located in Asia have a higher state of alert and are better prepared. Events in the past year along with a recent report have highlighted that while companies do have Disaster Recovery (DR) plans in place, they may not be as organized as they need to be, which is something companies can learn from.

Three ways to get devices talking

There are a wealth of technical devices out there to chose from, so many that it can be a chore to figure out what platform to use. You have to take into account whether a new system or device will work with an established system, how you are going to access data and how it will work with your clients’ and colleagues’ systems.

Messy cables? Time to fix that

Wireless connections are a great thing, as you can connect devices to the Internet and one another without the need for cables. Sadly, many of us don’t use wireless devices much beyond Wi-Fi. As we continue to use an increasing number of devices, all of which use cables, it can be hard to keep them in order.

Batteries need care, just like dogs!

Your mobile device, be it Apple or Android, is an integral part of your life. It’s like having a dog, it goes everywhere with you and usually kicks up minimal fuss. Like dogs, your phone does need power which, unlike dogs, comes from a battery. Batteries are an integral component of your phone and need to be taken care of in order to be the modern man’s best friend and the best that they can be – much like a dog.