Tips on improving IT revenue. Part 2

Last week we posted part one of our three part article on how to maximize your IT savings and resources. Here’s a quick recap of what part 1 covered: The article looked at ways you can maximize resources you already have by being an outside thinker, always looking around and using facts to help determine your actions.

3 hardware trends for 2013

Q1 of a new year is a time for many businesses to start fresh. To do so, many managers look back at the previous year and reflect on how to improve in the next. Looking back, 2012 was an interesting year, especially for technology. The question many businesses are asking is what tech goodies and changes will happen in 2013? It’s hard to be 100% sure, but based on what we know it will be a good year for hardware.

How to maximize IT savings – part 1

There are many different reasons people go into business. While money may not be a main motivation to start, staying in profit is how almost every business operates. A company’s ability to maximize profits is top of mind for many owners, however, when it comes to maximizing IT related functions managers are often at a loss.

Report on social media pros and cons

One of the more popular communication debates these days is whether employees should be allowed to access their personal social media accounts while at the office. There are many valid arguments on both sides of the debate, but few present the viewpoint of what many employees actually think.

Looking for new tech? What kind to get?

When it comes to technology, nothing is better than a new computer or system. The problem many small businesses face is that they often can’t afford new tech, and normally wait to replace items. The end of the year, and first few months of the new one is historically the best time to purchase new technology, especially tech that depreciates in value quickly.

5 reasons not to fire your IT provider

When it comes to technology we covet the latest and greatest, often running out to snatch up that new iPhone or laptop. When it comes to businesses however, many are pushing their already aging systems to last longer. While this isn’t a bad thing – if they still work, use them – these businesses often let their service contracts lapse which could prove to be problematic.