Five laptop cooling tips

There are many office tools that make an employee’s job easier. One of the greatest has to be the mobile computer, more commonly called a laptop. Frankly, it’s amazing that a powerful computer is crammed into a device that can fit easily onto your lap.

4 BC questions to ask yourself

When Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, many businesses in the US felt the effects due to service outages. This well publicized storm prompted many businesses, who were not hit or directly affected, to look into developing some form of plan to help them remain operational during any disaster situation.

5 questions to ask your cloud provider

Many tech trends come and go over the years and are continuously evolving. What was bleeding edge five to 10 years ago is now commonplace. such as cloud technology. Companies have found that cloud services have realizable benefits and are beginning to migrate existing systems in higher numbers.

Social media in 2013: 5 trends

When it comes to most technical systems, there is so much change in one year, that it can be a bit tricky to predict what the next year will bring. Social media is no different. While there are a number of trends that will continue on from last year, there are going to be some surprises along the way too.

Beware: Windows tech support scammers

Social engineering – the act of manipulating people into giving up confidential information – has long been a threat to businesses. One of the more common social engineering tricks, in terms of IT, is scammers posing as Windows technicians who call Windows users and try to trick them into believing their computers have viruses and that they need to pay to have the problem fixed.

Productivity key to work-life balance

While being an entrepreneur can be a rewarding experience, it’s also a time consuming one. Work-life balance to many business owners is non-existent because they spend all of their time focusing on so many different aspects of their business. An entrepreneur’s attention is often pulled in 100 different directions at once, which often leads to poor productivity and a non existent work-life balance.

Want to spy on competitors social media?

The modern business owner and manager has a lot of information to keep tabs on. Firstly, there is what their customers are doing and what they want; secondly, there is what the competitors are doing. When it comes to tracking competition however, it can be extremely time consuming, especially with all the social media and deal websites out there.