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AndroidPhone_March14_CAndroid users are most likely to be invested in the Google ecosystem, using a wide variety of Google apps. One of the more popular apps is Chrome, which is available for both Android and desktop. Being Google, these two versions can sync information between themselves, allowing for the same experience across devices.

Prey tracks your important devices

Security_Feb20_CThe number of tech gadgets we own has been growing, as has the number of criminals targeting high value goods like laptops and smartphones. While it is more likely to not happen, there is still a chance your laptop or phone could be stolen or go missing.

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Web_March20_AIt’s safe to assume that the majority of Internet use starts with a user entering a term in a search engine. Because of this, companies often measure their ‘Internet presence’ by where they show up on search results. The cool thing about these search sites is that you can influence results through the use of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a kind of digital marketing that focuses on increasing brand awareness and ultimately website traffic through the search engine.

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Windows_Feb12_CMicrosoft is widely seen to be a software based company, achieving success through their Windows OS and Office suites. Over the past couple of years, the company has started to also focus on hardware and devices. It started with the XBox, and now Microsoft has a new tablet – the Surface Pro.

Manage calls and texts with Sanity

AndroidPhone_Feb13_COf the two major mobile operating systems, Android is heralded as being more open, as you have access to the phone operating system code. Users are encouraged to tinker with their phones by installing apps that make their phone unique to them. While there are a number of ways to tailor the OS, users are fairly limited at managing phone calls and texts.