Four password management systems

Security_June26_CHong Kong is one of the busiest and freest cities on Earth. It also recently played host to one of the biggest whistleblowers in history – Edward Snowden. In early June, Snowden, an ex NSA (National Security Agency) consultant, exposed their data collection program, causing unparalleled uproar and controversy.

Manage your online reputation – 5 tips!

BusinessValue_June25_CCorporate reputation is the focus of almost every business manager and owner. They know that if the reputation of the business suffers a negative blow, they could see lost business, profits, or worse. What they often fail to take into account though, is that their personal online reputation may be just as important, especially if they are the face of the business.

Manage your online reputation – 5 tips!

Virtualization_June19_CAs technology becomes ever more efficient and commonplace in the work environment, companies often look to upgrade existing systems which can be costly. In order to save costs, some businesses have been looking into virtualizing their technology. This complex idea could be beneficial for your company, but there are a number of terms used by professionals that may be confusing.

Four apps to help boost productivity

iPhone_June25_CThere is little doubt as to how useful mobile technology like the iPhone is, but as with all technology, it will eventually break, or reveal some defects. To minimize the impact this could have, many users purchase a warranty for their device. If you bought an iPhone 5 last year, your warranty may soon be up, and if your device is having some problems, it may be worthwhile to send it in for repair.

How to save mobile data on iPhone

iPad_June19_CFor many Apple fans, early June has become an important time of year. This is when Apple usually holds their annual developers conference – WWDC. It’s during this event that Apple usually announces, and shows off, the new version of their popular mobile operating system – iOS. This year, Apple showed off a completely revamped version which could catch the eye of many business users.

5 virtualization benefits for companies

BI_June19_CData and what businesses do with it has become a popular science. Many take some steps to track and analyze important data, and from that make decisions or changes to their current strategies. The use of data to make better decisions is commonly referred to as Business Intelligence (BI). But, did you know that there are more types of BI you could be using?

Business Intelligence is generally divided into four different categories which are comprised of different types of BI that businesses working with data should be aware of.

What is social data? How do I use it?

Office_June18_CThere are many tools that business owners and managers have at their disposal that enable them to do their jobs more effectively. One of the most important is the word processor, with the most popular being Microsoft Word. Word is favored because of the multitude of features available for users.