NSA data collection exposed

Virtualization_July15_CThere are so many useful business tools these days, most of which revolve around tech. Devices like the computer and servers have enabled businesses of all sizes to compete. The problem with technology is that it is expensive to replace, especially for smaller businesses who potentially operate on already narrow margins.

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iPad_July15_CThe tablet is regarded by many business owners, managers and employees as one of the more useful business tools, and the most popular tablet is Apple’s iPad. The iPad is a reliable device with a user-friendly interface. There are times however when you might run across problems with it.

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BI_July15_CAs a business owner or manager you likely need to make small decisions on a regular basis, and have likely gotten good at making them. There has also likely been a time when you have had to make a big decision that had a big impact on your business. This can involve a challenging process and is one reason why many businesses are turning to Business Intelligence (BI). While BI is popular, there is a new sector that is gaining business fans: Big Data.