Three public Wi-Fi security issues

Security_Nov25_CThe Internet has become an integral part of all businesses, with some companies employing remote workers. Many business owners and managers also check their email or connect to office systems while on the road, maybe even connecting to the Internet on the many open or public Wi-Fi networks available.

4 laptop purchasing tips

Hardware_Nov25_BThis holiday season, laptops are highly likely to be a popular gift. We know that most laptops these days will last about three years before you need to upgrade. The problem is, with so many different types of laptops out there, picking one that will last three years while also not feeling terribly outdated might be tough.

5 ways technology can help with BCP

BCP_Nov25_CTyphoon Haiyan hit the Philippines the morning of November 8 leaving a path of unimagined destruction. As with other natural disasters, many business owners who watched the destruction unfold on the news have been questioning the safety of employees and whether their business is ready for a potential disaster with a solid business continuity plan in place.

5 ways businesses use the cloud

Web_Nov25_CWhatever the outlook of tech and businesses in the future, the cloud is here to stay. Many companies have fully embraced this fact and have even taken steps to integrate cloud systems into their organizations. The only problem is, smaller companies are still hesitating.

Nexus 5 and KitKat overview

AndroidPhone_Nov18_CHalloween is one of the most popular holidays for children in many countries across the globe. Youngsters get to dress up and run around getting candy all night – it’s great. This year, adults got a treat too and there was another group of very excited people – Android fans.

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 features

Windows_Nov18_CWindows 8.1 is more of a touching up when it comes to an upgrade, rather than the full facelift that Windows 8 proved to be. It seems that Microsoft is going the way of Apple with it’s OS X and bringing in a schedule of yearly updates to its operating system.

5 tips to finding you on social media

SocialMedia_Nov18_CThere is a common trend on social media of trying to make your personal profile difficult to find, perhaps because of issues about privacy and security. However, logic dictates that as a business this should be the opposite. You want to be easily found in order to connect and interact with your loyal and potential customers.