Mobile vs computer processors

Hardware_Dec23_CThis past year was a good one for mobile devices, with some of the most powerful smartphones being released. Some of these have processors that operate at the same speed as most mid-range laptops and desktops. While the speed factor may be the same, the question remains as to whether there are any other similarities.

5 ways the cloud can save money

Web_Dec23_CWhile the official word of 2013, according to Merriam-Webster, is ‘science’, there are other terms that are definitely just as popular. One of the more popular tech related terms of the year would have to be ‘cloud’. Businesses are adopting cloud systems in increasing numbers as they offer many benefits.

Managing mobile contacts

MobileGeneral_Dec17_CThe smartphone is an all-singing-all-dancing device and yet in an era of multi-media, there’s nothing that cuts to business like a phone call. If you have a phone, you likely have a large number of contacts, but have you ever tried to manage these contacts from your device? If you have then you’ll know that it’s not that easy.

Interacting with Google Now

AndroidPhone_Dec17_CAndroid is one of the big two mobile operating systems, offering apps for virtually everything. Google alone has more than 10 different apps, one of the more potentially useful being Google Now. This app is a digital assistant that can help you find the information you need while presenting additional information like traffic, important activities, etc.

Get more out of LinkedIn

SocialMedia_Dec17_CWebsites like LinkedIn have quickly become the most popular, influential and arguably most useful to business users. LinkedIn is a social network, so if you have a profile it is a good idea to interact with other users. However, it is slightly different than other social media sites in that it’s mainly aimed at businesses looking to to connect with other businesses and professionals to connect with their colleagues.