Guide: Back up your virtualized data

Virtualization_Jan27_CThere are a wide variety of tech related trends that businesses are capitalizing on these days, one of the most popular is virtualization of data. We are seeing an increase in the number of businesses pursuing this solution and many often struggle with one main part of this – backing up virtualized data, which is a necessary process.

What is business analytics?

BI_Jan27_CThere are many important components of a business, and data is definitely among the most popular. Pause and think for a moment how much of your business relies on it. It would be a challenge for a business to function without it. For business owners that look into data, many will have heard the term ‘business analytics’ before.

7 essential tricks for the iPad Air

iPad_Jan27_CThe iPad is often touted as being one of the most easy to use devices. Watch someone who has never held or used a tablet before pick one up and they will instinctively know what to do with it. With the release of the iPad Air, many users who have previously been holding back from purchasing a tablet have taken the plunge.

BYOD or CYOD – what's the difference?

Hardware_Jan20_COur mobile devices have become something most of us rely on, with many of us using these devices for both work and everyday life. In order to accommodate this, companies are increasingly adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. For businesses that don’t want to adopt a BYOD policy, there is another option which is gaining popularity: Choose Your Own Device (CYOD).

Below is a brief overview of BYOD and CYOD and the main differences between the two concepts.

4 Disaster recovery trends in 2014

BCP_Jan20_CThere is always the chance of a disaster striking your company. That’s why many business owners take steps to prevent negative events from affecting their company, often by implementing a disaster recovery or continuity plan. Both of these strategies and the technology that supports them are an important part of business process and planning.

The cloud in 2014 – 5 trends

Web_Jan20_CThere are a number of growing tech concepts, with one of the most popular being the cloud. While it can be difficult to actually pin down what the cloud is, many regard it as any service that is delivered over the Internet or a network. Regardless of how you define it, cloud-based solutions are becoming more prevalent in small and medium businesses, and will continue to be so in 2014 and beyond.

Help, my Android's frozen!

AndroidPhone_Jan13_CAndroid devices are among the most popular smartphones out there. These small computers have revolutionized the way we communicate and interact with one another and will continue to become increasingly integrated into our daily lives. Like their larger cousins, Android devices do freeze from time-to-time.

Take screenshots on Win 7 and 8

Windows_Jan13_CTo the vast majority of business and individual users Microsoft’s Windows is the backbone of their computing experience. With a wide variety of functions and features, users can do almost anything on their computer. However, many of us still use only a few features on a daily basis, with features like taking screenshots being rarely used.