The 6 different shutdown options

Security_Aug19_CAs we enter the era of cloud computing, it’s a sure thing that many users will be unsure of the security of the system they are using and the documents and files stored within. Truthfully, these systems are fairly secure but not 100% as there is still a chance of information being stolen.

Instagram for your company

Windows_Aug26_CThe power button is arguably one of the most important buttons on your computer – it is what turns on the machine. However, once the device is switched on, most people don’t actually press it to turn it off again. Did you know, that if you have a computer running Windows you can configure what the power button does when you press it?

Believe it or not, you can actually set it so that your system will do one of four things when the power button is pressed.

The key to viral content

iPhone_Aug19_CHave you ever been on a business trip or at a meeting where there was a hand out or important document you want the rest of your team to see? For many this would probably mean finding a scanner which could take a while. If you have an iPhone, there’s no need for that, just download a scanner app and snap a picture.

The key to viral content

BusinessValue_Aug19_CA common reason many customers stick with a company and provide them their business is that the company offers great customer service. It’s widely known that companies with poor customer service likely won’t stay in business for long, so it is imperative that your company offers only the best service available.