Hosted Servers & Desktops

Simplified server and desktop hosting that lets you take complete control

Operating, managing, and optimizing servers and desktops in-house is a full-time job. As a business owner, you already have too many responsibilities, so adding another to your plate is detrimental. This is why partnering with a hosting expert such as AIR is beneficial.

Our Hosted Servers & Desktops is a subscription-based service that eliminates the burden of managing and maintaining your servers and desktops in-house. Our service lets your users securely access apps and files from any internet-ready device. This means your organization enjoys maximum productivity, scalability, and security while reducing costs.

AIR’s Hosted Servers & Desktops let you:

  • Enjoy a secure BYOD environment for PCs, Macs, Android, iPad, and more
  • Take advantage of any cloud-based productivity suites that you already use
  • Leverage faster migration and time to market, enhanced security, and scalability
  • Secure files and folders with automated backups, including VM-level backups and restore capabilities
  • Manage your company's domains from a centralized system

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