Hosted & On-Premises Phones

Never miss out on a client’s call again with our feature-rich over-the-internet telephony systems

Getting frustrated with dropped calls, choppy lines, or expensive phone bills? If any of these sound familiar, it’s time to upgrade your telephony. Modern businesses need communication systems that are not only stable, but also flexible and scalable. That's where AIR can help.

With our Hosted & On-Premises Phones solution, our technicians will ensure that your telephony can keep up with business growth and an increasingly remote workforce. Our on-premises phone lines are also channeled through AIR’s privately owned network, ensuring reliability, security, and crystal-clear phone calls.


Seamlessly communicate with your local and global clients without worrying about expensive phone bills.

With our Hosted & On-Premises Phones, you can:

  • Keep conversations private with our encrypted phone lines
  • Enjoy dozens of useful call features, including call forwarding, voice to email transcription, and auto-attendant
  • Make voice and video calls from any internet-connected device
  • Save money since you won’t need to pay installation or maintenance fees anymore
  • Rest easy knowing your phone lines are monitored and managed around the clock

We make sure your clients can always reach out to you

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